Chronic Abdomen Pain

regions of the abdomen

Narcotics – The Solution or the Problem? Fall General Surgery has the privilege of treating, among many things, chronic abdominal pain. By “chronic” we refer to the existence of symptoms over several weeks, months, or even years. Symptoms may be localized or generalized. Alternation of bowel function, nausea, and/or vomiting …

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Tanning, Sunburn, and Skin Cancer


Deep tans mean damaged skin and could lead to skin cancer Over 400 years ago Copernicus declared the sun was the center of our universe. For some centuries, a light skin defined the “upper class,” while darker skin defined the outdoor, working class. Women of ancient Greece and Rome used …

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Diverticular Disease, a Common Problem

Diverticulitis of the Colon

Do you have “tics” in your colon? If you have significant abdominal pain,  seek the advice of Dr. Fall. Diverticula are sac-like protrusions of the wall of the colon (large bowel). Causes of this condition probably are related to a low fiber diet and altered motility of the colon. There has …

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Breast Cancer

breast cancer screening

Breast cancer is the most common malignancy found in women. One of every 8-10 women will be affected. Though much more rare, men also may develop the disease. There are various types of breast cancer: Ductal and lobular carcinoma in situ (earliest of cancers) Infiltrating ductal carcinoma (80% of all …

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